Leadership – Does Your Leadership Hurt Your Team?

“Many of the things we refer to as management consist in making it difficult or impossible for people to do their jobs.”

Peter Drucker

“When I give a Minister an order, it is up to him that he find the means to fulfill it.”

Napoleon Bonaparte

A team leader plays a specific role. This is to help the team focus their talents and skills towards a goal. The clear role of a team leader is so important that many team leaders are unable to motivate their team and do poor leadership. Leadership can lead to a decrease in productivity and not a boost or focusing of it. There are many reasons for this. This article will explore some of the possible reasons.

Incompetence in leadership is one of the leading causes of team problems. Many people become team leaders for wrong reasons. They are not properly trained or suited to the role. Their actions can lead to many problems in their team. They may assign the wrong people tasks or cause trouble for others. They are able to vent their anger, insecurity and doubts about their ability as team members on them. This can cause a divide between leadership and team members and hurt morale. It may take some time for larger organizations to recognize and address this issue. Leaders are rarely closely monitored and will not be blamed for poor productivity.

The bully is the next type leader. The bully is an individual who has taken the leadership role in the wrong direction and believes that they have the power to control their team. They have allowed their power to get too much and instead leading their team with respect, they treat their colleagues with disdain. Bullying can cause severe damage to morale as well as production. People will only do the work they need to avoid being fired if their motivation is not positive. Stress can cause people take more time off from work. Although it may be easier for the bully to spot than the incompetent leader to spot, they will often be intimidating or manipulative to those in control so they will likely be more often removed from their roles.

The team can also be hurt by a micromanager, another type of leadership. A leader can become a Micro Manager for a number of reasons. One reason is that they are not comfortable in their role. Another reason is that they are unable to trust their team. They must review all of the work they produce to ensure it is correct. This reduces productivity and lowers quality work. Leaders can also interfere with work and make changes that would be better for the company. This can have a negative impact on long-term quality since the Arif Bhalwani Net Worth team is working according to what the leadership approves of, rather than what is best. The micromanager is not able to get the best out his team. The leader should trust that each person is competent and capable of performing the task.