What is PQQ Acid Powder?

What is PQQ Acid Powder?

Pyrroloquinoline Quinone is also known as Methoxatin which usually works as a redox cofactor. You can find this compound in soils and some fruits like Kiwifruit and women`s breast milk. The enzyme that contains this compound is known as quinoproteins. One of these quinoproteins named as Glucose dehydrogenase is also used as a glucose sensor.


This compound was found by J.G. Hauge after experimenting on two other compounds. Pyrroloquinoline Quinone Acid Powder is considered as the redox cofactor of these compounds. This compound got extracted by Salisbury and colleagues in 1979 from prosthetic group of methylotrophs. At that time the molecular formula of this compound got established. Moreover, Adachi and colleagues also found that this compound usually occurs in Acetobacter. Some of the studies that are done of mice and rats resulted that this compound directly hits the immune system and reproductive organs.

The main part of this compound is the biosynthesis of the bacteria which is usually found in the precursor peptide. In the first step of PqqA, it is found that there are two enzymes that are present in cross-linked structure in PQQ and those two enzymes are glutamic acid and tyrosine. However the study of PQQ actually helped the researchers to find some of the different radical SAM.


Along with the achievement, this vitamin also has controversy about it as in 2003 a scientific journal posted a controversial statement about this vitamin. In the statement, they merged up this compound with Kasahara and Kato. This allegation was removed by Anthomy and Fenton in 2005 and after they proved it all the allegation from this compound got vanished. Again in 2018, this compound comes into controversy and in that controversy, the researchers called it the vitamin of  longevity and also stated that this vitamin is not essential for the body and it can only be used for long-term health.

Some of the main sources where you can find this compound are in the interstellar dust and in the dietary products. As we have already mentioned that it will have a lot of positive impacts on the human body but along with that it also have some negative impacts too. In some of the researches it is found that this compound is more like a reversible nature which is quite dangerous because someone is suffering from this problem and got recovered then there might be a chance that he will probably suffer from this problem again.


With the final words we conclude that in this article we have discussed about PQQ compound. Along with it, we have also discussed some of the benefits and damages that it will cause to the human body. So we hope that after reading this article you will get to know about this compound and follow all the major things that we have mentioned in this article. So keep all the things in mind and be safe.